Renumber All Parking Lots of course In an Order

by Kaan Karabay

The problem was a claim came from the employer; ” All parking lots should have a number.”

First trial was collecting them with select all elements but when i put numbers it was disordered, and i remember the room numbering script along a curve.

The result was fascinating.

Thanks Dynamo.





Group elements by values node can be found in ParametricAlly package. This node take elements and another group reference list (this list contains grouping input) and make separated groups.

In this case i collect parking lots and used levels as a references. Intersect them all with a curve, finding the start point of intersection and query the parameter At point. The result is parking lot list aligned according to the curve parameters.

Definition file



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Greg McDowell Jr March 4, 2016 - 9:36 pm

I’ve tried doing something similar with parking stalls (the city wants each one numbered consecutively [!]). It works but it takes FOREVER. I think I could do it faster by hand. Would you mind sharing more about this? I’m looking to see if the time is just the nature of the beast or if there’s something I can do to speed things up. Thanks.

krby March 5, 2016 - 3:00 pm

I add the definition file at the end of the post.
Group Element by Values is a ParametricAlly package node.
You can try my definition but nothing is spacial in it.
Just a model curve selected in dynamo, but our parking lots family contains a 3d geometry (box with 1 mm thick)..


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