Topography By Text

Site cad       That is the problem; We have a cad file containing topography heights but no points. Texts locations are at the correct heights too.     point   Revit topography tool doesn’t working because of lack of  the convenient geometry. But we have “Dynamo” :D. First step; I imported Dwg to Revit and expolde it. After the explode all the text notes become visible at site level. revit points   Second; In dynamo, i use only 3 nodes, thanks to Clockwork package 🙂 again. Select all text element and query the locations. As a suprise all the text still have the correct locations, including “Z”. You can not see them at 3d view but still the family contains the Z value.     dyn   That is the final topography. 🙂 site        

Room Parameter Changing With Dynamo

For a multiple story project, PM team changed all the room finishes names, added some new materials etc. There was lots of rooms with the same name and of course same changes for all. Doing it manually take times and than thanks to “Dynamo” . There is the definition. Capture   You can use the same method for Changing other parameters too. Don’t forget to use on/off toggle after manipulating parameters.

Using Dynamo for Function Visiluation

  For the presentation of one of our works, we should add a color legend indicating building functions. Many times, i tried to do this using Revit Mass models or Generic models (of course modelling one by one) but with dynamo, now we can construct a workflow  for this job of course with less time. This is the result; 🙂   Colors       How i made it?   HOw to (Large) If you have an office standard for color fill you can create two list for colors and departments. It will take less time then doing it manually.   Thanks Mehmet from Red Hot Bim blog for his helps.