The Problem

As a consultant, one office wanted a script for fast generating of the facades for a very large area as a part of urban planning. That’s only for rendering large areas. Not schedules. Made with generic model. you can edit it for using walls etc. 

You should use it with dynamo player. 

Thanks to DATA SHAPES for UI creation. 


Next will be vertical effect one which has random options. 

Let's solve it


Packages used in this script: 

Clockwork for Dynamo 2.x version: 2.1.2

LunchBox for Dynamo version: 2018.7.6

Data-Shapes version: 2019.2.30


  1. First part is DATA SHAPE INPUT preparation
  2. Face modification with inputs
  3. Face selection and Geometry Creation
  4.  Bake them as Generic Models 
The script create its own materials. You can edit them

The script divide face according to given input but not exactly because your face dimension can be different of multiple of that.


Don’t forget to share. 

The script

You can download the script below as a zip file.