Dynamo Hatch

Hatch Builder in Dynamo with Correct Unit Using Zebra Package

The team was trying to build a custom pattern using notepad. This process is very hard because each time they change an element in notepad they import it in any try it again. You can see the hatch below.


Hatch From Revit – Imported with pat file created with Zebra

Then i remember one tweet about creating hatch files with Zebra package, found it and try it.

The bad part about the hatch is the running bond changes in every 6 step, not 3.

Hatch – How to?

May be you are very good at creating it with text file but its better to see the result at the background is far beyond easy.

Hatch File at Dynamo
Hatch File at Dynamo

You can import the pat file directly to the revit. It will came with correct scale.

Thanks to Zebra Package creators.

The definition file ; Hatch.