Dynamoist – Dynamo İstanbul First Meeting

22 August evening, we were at ITU Taşkışla for the first dynamo user group meeting.  
Dynamoist : First Meeting Photo (Me: the last one :D)
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Consept To Fabrication With Dynamo

I generally use Dynamo for after design processes. This time we use it for an early design process and for preparation to fabrication.   Now the project is at pre-fabrication stage. We are preparing for fabrication. I will update this post later :).
  I am not a coder guy, and used “BecauseWeDynamo” and “SpringNode” packages. The next step will be using Optimo for fabrication panel optimizations.   The aim was creating a wooden interface using new methods. We started with a mass and using dynamo packages sliced it. You can see the preparation video. This project done at PATIKA MIMARLIK , you can see the renderings at the link.      

Topography By “Really” text

After the previous post we get a cad file containing only site points texts, no height. Points tagged manually, and non elevated. you can read heights from text. If you have dynamo you have solution. 🙂 dyn2     Step 1. Select Model Elements.  –  Grab texts from exploded cad file.  I used clockwork text element tool. Cleaned unnecessary entries. 1   Step 2 –  Find locations with Clockwork node. Grab X and Y from location and Z from reader node. 2   Step 3 – Some of them share the same X.Y. and this is unacceptable for Dynamo. Sort these points along a defining curve and check X and Y values the prior and following element. Dynamo Definition.

Using Dynamo for Function Visiluation

  For the presentation of one of our works, we should add a color legend indicating building functions. Many times, i tried to do this using Revit Mass models or Generic models (of course modelling one by one) but with dynamo, now we can construct a workflow  for this job of course with less time. This is the result; 🙂   Colors       How i made it?   HOw to (Large) If you have an office standard for color fill you can create two list for colors and departments. It will take less time then doing it manually.   Thanks Mehmet from Red Hot Bim blog for his helps.