Using Dynamo for Non AEC – Excel Manipulation

[su_heading size=”24″ align=”center”]THE CASE[/su_heading]

My wife is preparing a paper in written articles topics about dentistry. Most of papers has multi author, and the names order should remain. The problem is given excel file from the database contains all the name in same cell but separated with comma and she tries to find first authors, unique first authors, all authors, all unique authors with numbers etc. And the paper name also written in the same cell after the fist dot.

May be excel guys can solve this problem with some macro or may be excel has that function. Nope. we don’t have any.

As a dynamo guy, this is a piece of cake. Lets start

[su_heading size=”24″ align=”center”]THE SOLUTION[/su_heading]

1. We don’t need the article name so first dot is the first separator.

İmport Excel

2. All names separated with commas, and not forget to delete whitespace before commas.

Split Authors

3. So now we have the authors. we can pass the list operations. Unique first, unique all etc…

4. After finishing list operations, let’s export them to excel again for preparing nice tables.

Excel Exporter

Very easy workflow for dynamo but without it i can’t do it that that fast for 100 different paper & more than 450 authors.